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Realcomm has been presenting the “Digie” Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since 1999 to recognize those outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies as well as the people who have gone “above and beyond” to positively impact our industry through the intelligent application of technology, automation and innovation.

Commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate involve an inordinate amount of information, systems and business processes to operate the business. This data intensive, manual, mostly disconnected environment provides the perfect opportunity to radically transform how we do our business. For this reason, we continue to recognize those who are leading the charge for a more efficient, effective and profitable industry.

In 2012, we created separate award categories for Realcomm and IBcon to more clearly address the difference between automating real estate business processes and creating intelligent building systems, buildings, portfolios and cities.

Best Tech Innovation Commercial|Corporate Real Estate
This award is given to two companies who’ve introduced new products to the market that strive to re-engineer our very manual and disparate industry through the creation of innovative automation solutions.

Two awards will be given in this category
1. iviva
2. Sunwave Crossfire
3. SmartONE Community Platform
4. Equiem
5. Microsoft Azure IoT Edge
6. CohesionIB

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These users can only submit work requests, view status of the requests, follow-up on work requests, provide feedback on resolved work requests Typically, these users represent occupants of a facility.


These users manage the account and have the ability of adding other users to account.


Power Users represent the internal and external personnel who are responsible for ‘facility management’ function. All technicians/supervisors/vendor users/facility coordinators/managers fall into this category. They can plan, create, dispatch, monitor, update and close work orders.