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Fxelle – Delivering Smart services to tenants and shoppers

Owners and operators of shopping malls and retail spaces are continually seeking to enhance the quality & responsiveness of the services that they provide to retailers and shoppers in areas such as incident management, complaint management and service management. At the same time, they are looking to increase compliance, security and health & safety.

The Architecture

fxelle is a mobile collaboration platform for shopping malls and retail spaces that provide smart services to tenants and shoppers.

Lucy on FXELLE

fxelle is powered by an intelligent engine developed on the iviva Lucy development environment that dynamically creates integrated response teams and optimizes the way they work.

Tenant Coordination

  • Tenant Portal
  • Work Permit
  • Compliance
  • Document Management Event Management


  • Search by Store/Brand Product Information Wheelchair
  • First aid
  • Lost and found item
  • Lost and found child Baby stroller
  • Parking
  • Promotional coupons Valet services


  • Incident Management
  • Lost & Found Items
  • Lost and Found Child
  • Health & Safety

What customers are saying!

The iviva fxelle software is extremely user friendly and has greatly improved the productivity of the Dubai Festival City Mall Concierge services, enabling us to enhance the shopper experience.

– Kareem Ali Humaidan, CSM, Dubai Festival City Mall