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Smart Building and Digital Workplace technologies can bring significant benefits to hospitals as well. An iviva enabled smart hospital infrastructure can be integrated to patient management systems to enhance the patient experience and improve the productivity of healthcare staff.

iviva supports the HL7 interface, which simplifies integration to most patient management systems and medical equipment. Using this interface, a patient management system can automatically instruct iviva to provide facility and building services when key events or situations arise.

Specific areas in which iviva can bring benefits:

Customers who have implemented iviva


These users can only submit work requests, view status of the requests, follow-up on work requests, provide feedback on resolved work requests Typically, these users represent occupants of a facility.


These users manage the account and have the ability of adding other users to account.


Power Users represent the internal and external personnel who are responsible for ‘facility management’ function. All technicians/supervisors/vendor users/facility coordinators/managers fall into this category. They can plan, create, dispatch, monitor, update and close work orders.