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Co-innovate and Co-create solutions

Develop unique Solutions for Smart Buildings, the Workplace and the Internet of Things.

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Build Solutions Around People

Move technology to the background and make end-user interactions more natural and fluid.

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Create a Digital Twin

Manage the lifecycle of Smart Buildings & Workplaces through their Digital Twin.

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Integrate Operational Silos

Integrate data and processes across systems and applications that work in silos.

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Predict What Happens Next

Enable predictive operations & maintenance through Intelligent Process Automation and AI.

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iviva Applications

Developed with the iviva Technology Framework, iviva applications are configured with best-practice business processes. iviva. applications can be combined with each other and third-party applications and systems to create customer-specific solutions.

Asset Management

Inventory Management

Maintenance Management

Facility Booking

Visitor Management

Incident & Security Management


Service Contract Management

Leasing Contract Management

Induction Management

Utility Management

Commission to Operate (C2O)

Seating Space Management

Mobile Apps

iviva Partner Ecosystem

iviva projects have been implemented in 15 countries across 4 continents through an ecosystem of partners with whom we have built enduring working relationships based on mutual trust and a vision for the future.

Supporting this ecosystem is an online Marketplace for finding, evaluating & procuring best of breed building systems, IoT devices and applications for building end-to-end Smart Building and Workplace solutions and also a global Professional Network for knowledge sharing and support for iviva projects.

iviva Marketplace

Key Elements

User-driven inputs to help customers select products for specific needs

Library of connectors for integrating building systems, IoT devices and applications

Product/connector certification

Library of Smart Cards & Lucy Models

Consultants (MEP, IT)

Project Managers

IT and Building Integrators

Building Managers

Solution Architects

Facility Managers

iviva Professional Network

Brings together domain experts, iviva certified developers and consultants from across the world who can support integrators and end customers in the design, implementation and operation of iviva solutions.

iviva enables back-end IoT devices, building systems and enterprise applications to be integrated without having to worry about how end users will interact with them.

This gives you the freedom to create seamless user journeys and user interactions after the integration is completed.

Seamless Deployment

iviva supports Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Public Cloud implementations and can scale from a single workplace, a building or to multiple sites across the globe.

Both Perpetual License and Software as Service models are available.

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud

iviva unifies your physical and digital spaces to create connected environments where people can flourish

iviva is an application and integration platform for implementing smart building and digital workplace solutions that require the integration of diverse applications, systems and end-user devices that traditionally work in silos.


iviva is designed to help you integrate operational silos to build connected solutions that continuously evolve with your needs.

Connect physical elements such as spaces, assets, operational systems and IoT devices.



Unchain metadata from silos to enable compelling user journeys and smart operational processes



Enable the physical world to intelligently interact with people.


Lucy for Data Integration and Intelligent Process Automation

Lucy is a versatile visual development environment within iviva for creating Lucy models that can be used to build sub-system connectors, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), operational workflows, or end-user interactions.

Complete solutions can then be “assembled” by connecting Lucy models like “Lego blocks”. The connected models enable data integration and intelligent process automation across silos.

With Lucy, you can build complex solutions that require the integration of diverse applications, systems and end-user devices.

Up Next: Predict what happens next.

Predict what happens next

Once your systems are integrated into our platform iviva can apply machine learning and predictive analytics to diagnose and rectify problems before they occur. You can thereby eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs and shift to predictive operations and maintenance.

iviva Smart Operations and Maintenance

Creating a Digital Twin

Going beyond integration, iviva enables the creation of a dynamic, digital replica of spaces, physical assets, systems and processes or a “Digital Twin” of the workplace/building.

A Digital Twin is digital replica of a building’s assets/equipment, systems, spaces & “infrastructure processes”

Digital twins can be used to model and analyze the “physical” Smart Building so that you can predict, and optimize its performance

…a digital twin can be used to analyze and simulate real-world conditions, respond to changes, improve operations and add value
– Gartner

Delivering the Smart Building Digital Twin through the iviva C2O Process

The iviva C2O process simplifies the implementation of Smart-Green Buildings by automating the connection, commissioning and handover of the building’s “physical” sensors, systems and equipment. Concomitantly, C2O integrates the CAD Building Information Model(BIM) to deliver the building’s “Digital Twin*”.

Up Next: Enhance, not redesign

Enhance, not redesign

iviva works with the tools, applications and systems you already use, so you won’t have to overhaul your system. It’s also designed to grow as your needs grow, for your peace of mind.

Improve Cost Efficiencies

Up to 20% CAPEX during construction. Up to 30%, OPEX cost through predictive operations and maintenance

Increase productivity

Up to 30% through productivity enhancements

Scale operations

Create revenue opportunities Secure flexible platform

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Under the cloud with any IoT device, buildings, gateways and more by via their digital twin.