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Scenario 3: How to resume a Work Order and proceed with a different Servicer - by Facility Coordinator

How to resume a Work Order and proceed with a different Servicer-by Facility Coordinator

Scenario 3 : If a Work Order is resumed by Facility Coordinator and proceed with another Servicer...

This article is primarily for Facility Coordinators.

This scenario explains how you can resume a work order (which is on hold) and proceed it with a different Servicer.

e.g. If a Facility Coordinator is not satisfied with the job which is being done by the Servicer, he can place the Work Order on hold, stop the current Servicer’s job and then resume with a different Servicer.

Work Order Process with the Scenario 3 (resume Work Order and proceed with another Servicer )

Let’s take a quick look at the overall Work Order process when a Facility Coordinator resumes a Work Order which was placed on hold and then continues with another Servicer.

After a work order is created,

  • Facility Coordinator will receive work order via Workspace- Work Order app.
  • Facility Coordinator will assign a Servicer along with Servicer’s  Supervisor and Coordinator (assigning a Servicer Supervisor and Servicer Coordinator is optional here) to the work order.
  • The Facility Coordinator will put the work order on hold by adding the purpose as a comment.
  • Facility Coordinator resumes the Work Order and assigns another Servicer.
    Then after some time period, the Facility Coordinator may resume and reassign the work order to a different servicer.
  • Next, the newly assigned Servicer (Servicer Supervisor/Servicer Coordinator) will assign a Technician from their Servicer team to the work order.
  • The assigned Technicians will receive work orders to acknowledge the work order.
  • Technicians/Supervisors will complete the work order.
  • Facility Coordinator will verify the work done and close.

How to resume a Work Order and proceed with a different Servicer?

This article is primarily for Facility Coordinators.

This quick article explains how you can resume a work order that was put on hold and and continue with a different Servicer.

Typical Actors

  • Facility Coordinators

Stage before the Action: On Hold
Stage after the Action   : Assignment

Workspace -Work Order app facilitates to resume the Work Order that was put on hold (e.g. due to some urgent task) and assign a different Servicer to the Work Order to attend to Work Order issue.



 To resume a work order and and continue with a different Servicer,


  1. Log in to Workspace and go to Work Order app
  2. Hover over My WO Taskson the left bar
  3. Click CWOs Supervised by Me to filter your work orders at On Hold stage
  4. Click on the relevant Work order record to open its detail page
  5. Hover over On Hold drop-down and click ‘Resume and Reassign
  6. Select the required Servicer and Servicer Supervisor
  7. Fill in the additional details if required
  8. Finally, click Assign Servicer

Once you resume and reassign the work order, the work order stage will move back to ‘Assignment.


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These users can only submit work requests, view status of the requests, follow-up on work requests, provide feedback on resolved work requests Typically, these users represent occupants of a facility.


These users manage the account and have the ability of adding other users to account.


Power Users represent the internal and external personnel who are responsible for ‘facility management’ function. All technicians/supervisors/vendor users/facility coordinators/managers fall into this category. They can plan, create, dispatch, monitor, update and close work orders.