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A digital register for your assets and equipment

Save time and money by consolidating all information about your assets, equipment and IoT devices in one place. Gain insights on repair history, operational status, location, ownership and more.

Manage your IoT Devices and Equipment

Asset Management is the starting point for managing and setting up all your integrated devices and sensors. Categorize equipment by their capabilities, track their operational values in real-time.

Your one-stop document store

You now have a central repository to store all of your asset’s details – policies, receipts, manuals and schematics.

Integrated Maintenance History

Using the Smart Spaces Work Order system, you can pull up a full history of maintenance and repairs that were done for any asset, when it was done, what the outcome was, who did the servicing and more.


These users can only submit work requests, view status of the requests, follow-up on work requests, provide feedback on resolved work requests Typically, these users represent occupants of a facility.


These users manage the account and have the ability of adding other users to account.


Power Users represent the internal and external personnel who are responsible for ‘facility management’ function. All technicians/supervisors/vendor users/facility coordinators/managers fall into this category. They can plan, create, dispatch, monitor, update and close work orders.