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Connecting the Digital and the Physical

Connect your IoT devices, beacons, legacy building systems, ERP solutions and security systems together and make them work for you. iviva can bring your spaces to life by deep integration with your environment, enabling fluid and seamless interactions.

Reduce Costs and gain insight

Since iviva already knows about your room schedules, seating arrangements and visitors, we can intelligently schedule the lights and air comfort levels based on actual usage. Use access card data and sensors to analyze usage of facilities and common utilities.

A better experience for your staff and guests.

Give your staff the ability to control the comfort levels,lighting and blinds in their workspace and meeting rooms. Send customized greetings to visitors, and help them easily track and find their host. Leverage beacons to find facilities nearby and sensors to trigger cleaning services.

Safety and Security

With integration to your access card system, iviva can help you centrally manage access and permissions. Provision visitor access specifically for their destinations, enable a unified access card system for staff travelling between offices. If you have an NVR solution installed, you can centrally access your cameras to monitor incidents.

Any device, controller or system

iviva knows how to deal with standard IoT devices and protocols like MQTT, SCADA protocols such as Bacnet and ModBus, and a plethora of custom device protocols for access card readers, cameras and more. We can talk to enterprise services, building management systems or even directly with controllers.

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BMS Integration

We bring over a decade of industrial experience in working with standard and bespoke Building Management Systems. If your workspace already has a BMS in place, you can take advantage of it to increase efficiency and improve the experience for your staff and guests.

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IoT Devices

Introducing IoT devices to your workplace is a great way to incrementally make it smarter. iviva’s integration platform can connect your devices and bring them into workflows and schedules. iviva’s Asset register can manage all your devices and keep track of them.

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Have any custom integration?

We’re good at helping you integrate any bespoke systems you have.

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These users can only submit work requests, view status of the requests, follow-up on work requests, provide feedback on resolved work requests Typically, these users represent occupants of a facility.


These users manage the account and have the ability of adding other users to account.


Power Users represent the internal and external personnel who are responsible for ‘facility management’ function. All technicians/supervisors/vendor users/facility coordinators/managers fall into this category. They can plan, create, dispatch, monitor, update and close work orders.