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A visitor system that connects with everything.

Your guest’s experience doesn’t end at the lobby. Neither should your visitor management system.

Unifying Spaces and People

With Smart Spaces, your visitor, room booking, access systems and environnment all work together to provide a unified experience for your guests and their hosts.

Welcoming visitors has never been easier

When you book a meeting, you can invite visitors right then and there. You can also pre-register visitors from your mobile or desktop and walk-in guests can use a tablet or kiosk to check themselves in. Print out name badges and issue access cards automatically or with a single touch.

Delight guests with a warm and surprising experience

The small things matter – sending your visitors the wifi password, letting your host know as soon as a visitor checks in, adjusting the room’s lights and temperature in expectation of a meeting – custom tailor the visitor experience to your needs. You can get as fancy or as simple as you want.