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Digital Transformation

We are leading a transformation in the way the global construction and real estate industries view Smart Buildings, from merely using technology to coordinate management of day-to-day operations of existing premises to one that delivers a step-change in time and cost savings, as well as operational efficiencies, over the entire building life-cycle.

Why iviva?

Our flagship iviva software platform fundamentally changes the way Smart Buildings are designed, constructed, operated and/or upgraded, resulting in a quantum improvement in productivity, quality and operational performance at a significantly reduced cost.

iviva Ecosystem

To help accelerate the implementation of iviva solutions, we have formed an ecosystem comprising global technology companies as partners, a Marketplace for procuring proven iviva-compatible Smart Building products, and a Professional Network for on-the-ground delivery.

Together, we have become a formidable force for change! Come join us!

iviva Global Ecosystem Partners:



Colliers International







Below represents a partial list of some of the companies currently using all or element(s) of the iviva platform:

North America
Middle East

Global Footprint

We have already shown benefits of the iviva platform in
projects for leading real-estate developers, contractors and
facility operators across 15 countries and 4 continents.

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