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How will iviva help you?

All your worktech needs in one place

Based on its powerful Integration Platform, iviva empowers your organization to choose from its library of iviva applications but also from those of our partners so that you have complete control and freedom to build the solution that you really need.

Why choose iviva?

iviva fundamentally changes the way Smart Buildings are designed, constructed, operated and/or upgraded, resulting in a quantum improvement in productivity, quality and operational performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Helping you work your world


To reduce the cost and accelerate the implementation time of your projects, we have built iviva on the principle of Composability which relies on four pillars:

  • An integration platform that brings together your building and business systems
  • A suite of applications to address your specific pain-points
  • A marketplace to source pre-build Use Cases built with our partner network
  • A no-code app builder to visualize, monitor, control and communicate

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