Smart Workplace Superapp

Lucy is the powerful AI-driven, no-code platform that brings together Smart Buildings, Facilities Management, IoT, and Business Processes into a single, easy-to-use tool to make all workplaces smart and sustainable.

Composability is at the
core of the Lucy platform

Composability is at the core of the Lucy platform

In a world where businesses must constantly adapt, the Smart Workplace Superapp lets you build sophisticated solutions from pre-built blocks, like Legos. You can then use these blocks to compose the outcome you need much faster at a fraction of the cost.

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Achieve your sustainability goals by tracking energy consumption and other related metrics

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Lucy’s workflow automation tools let you integrate multiple applications and devices in minutes

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Lucy’s dashboard creation tools, together with the employee experience mobile app, gives your users and tenants easy access to information and services for an enhanced experienced

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Lucy integrates all your common workplace applications. Be more productive by bringing all your tasks and calendars to one place

Smart Workplace Superapp

Combine and integrate all the services, features and functionalities of your workplace, to provide services such as After-Hours AC, Desk Booking, Room Booking, Expense Tracking, and much more.

Key Features & Benefits

Experience the world’s first no-code smart workplace design tool for owners, operators and occupants

Desk Booking

Efficient desk and space allocation and improved productivity

Room Booking

Streamlined reservation process for hassle-free meetings.

Visitor Management

Enhanced security and seamless visitor registration


Easy navigation within the workplace for optimised efficiency.

F&B Ordering

Convenient food and beverage ordering for visitors/meetings

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Track and reduce environmental impact

Expenses Tracking

Simplified expense management and accurate tracking

Surveys, Complaints, Requests

Streamlined feedback and issue resolution process.

QR Code Based Access Control

Secure and convenient access management using QR codes

Emergency Evacuations, Fire Drills

Ensure employee safety through effective emergency response.

Consolidation of Tasks and Calendars

Centralised organisation and coordination for improved efficiency

After Hours AC

Maintain comfort levels when working beyond regular hours.

Who is the Superapp
made for?

Everyone perceives technology from a different perspective. To ensure you use Lucy to its fullest potential we’ve made it 100% adaptable to specific user categories

AI & Machine Learning

Lucy uses AI so that you get what you need, faster. Simply ask Lucy for the information you need and it will provide it to you in a simple and structured manner. Lucy will even design the dashboard components for you. Here is how one of our clients used Lucy. Hayley’s recruitment team receives 10,000+ CVs annually. Manual reviews consume time and resources. Lucy streamlines this process:

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All job applications go into Lucy’s workflow

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Unstructered CV data is analysed

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Fields are automatically filled in

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Data is structured into a Lucy dashboard

AI & Machine Learning


Lucy has its own integrated Marketplace, which enables you to discover and purchase the products and services you may need to make your solution work end-to-end.

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