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iviva Smart Workplace helps your teams operate more efficiently, while supporting hybrid work in an adaptive, data-driven environment.

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Transform your space for improved operations

All the tools you need to enhance employee collaboration, productivity and experience, and achieve business goals.

Create a better workplace experience for everyone

  • Optimal temperature, CO2 and humidity levels
  • Choice of work space based on preferences
  • Monitor and fix unhealthy air quality

  • Smooth and secure visitor experience
  • Reduce administrative overheads
  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Pre-book desks/meeting spaces for hybrid work
  • Optimise space and reduce costs using analytics
  • Understand occupancy patterns
  • Real-time attendance overview

  • Reduce visitor navigation time and stress
  • Enhance space optimisation via insights
  • Reduce room booking conflicts
  • Energy optimisation

  • Transition to on-demand operations for cleaning efficiency
  • Improve staff planning and predict trends
  • Integrate weather forecast with cleaning operations

  • Adaptive lighting based on occupancy, time, weather, tasks,etc.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting and intelligent controls reduce costs
  • Use natural light for health and well-being

Create a better workplace
experience for everyone

Our Work

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