Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Our comprehensive range of products drive predictive and autonomous operations, streamline maintenance processes, enhance customer experiences, and create smarter, more sustainable spaces.


By combining process automation, advanced analytics and AI, iviva.C2O enables autonomous and predictive operations and maintenance, bringing enormous improvements in equipment and system performance, work productivity and occupant satisfaction. Users can also start saving as much as 30-40% from operations and maintenance costs from day one through improved employee productivity and reduced energy consumption.

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A simple, affordable and field-proven Facility Management solution that streamlines maintenance processes and improves employee productivity by automating manual tasks and the entire business process workflow. Both scalable and agile, it helps you reduce downtime of equipment, systems and services, track faults, optimise return on assets and increase lifetime, and more, to enhance occupant satisfaction and improve business operations.

iviva Dx

Empower users to create customised workplace applications, system processes, workflows, and automations in a user-friendly, no-code environment. Dynamic dashboards and easy-to-use tools allow for real-time visualisation and monitoring of workflows and data, accessible anytime, anywhere.


Elevate the tenant experience and support property managers with a multifunctional platform offering tenant services, concierge support, vendor management, and streamlined property operations. Fxelle brings convenience and efficiency to both parties.


Personal SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) empowers users to discover, configure, monitor, and control devices from a user-friendly interface. It offers real-time data visibility, device health status, and efficient command execution for industrial or building systems.


Revolutionise smart building design, engineering, and operations by transforming Building Information Modeling (BIM) into a powerful operational tool. Dynamic dashboards and 3D models redefine user interaction with spaces, systems and processes, enabling novel approaches to building operations and tenant services.


The AI-powered healthcare solution integrates and automates systems, optimises processes, and utilises real-time data to enhance healthcare services, including Smart Pharmacy, Smart Emergency Department, Smart Aged Care, and more.  


Simplifying the creation of smart and sustainable workplace, building and city solutions, Spaceworx offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement products and services via pre-built components, delivering them 5 times faster than traditional methods, at a 20-30% lower cost.

Integration Platform

Unlock the power of the iviva Composable Integration Platform. Lucy empowers System Integrators (SIs) to seamlessly implement systems, helping them to move beyond standard building management solutions and offer higher-value integrations to customers, with third party systems and devices.

Smart Workplace

Experience the power of AI-driven technology in a single, easy-to-use tool. The Lucy Superapp integrates Smart Buildings, Facilities Management, IoT, and Business Processes, enabling you to create dynamic visualisations, automate tasks, and make your workplace smarter and more sustainable.