Sustainable buildings
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iviva’s sustainability-centric solutions help your building optimise energy, conserve resources and enhance indoor environments, to significantly reduce emissions.

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Transform your building to reduce carbon emissions

All the tools your building requires to reduce energy wastage, make the most of natural light and efficiently maintain equipment.

Make sustainable choices for efficient operations

  • Decarbonise HVAC/switch to electric heat
  • pump for efficiency increase
  • Achieve zero-emissions solutions via green grid energy for buildings
  • Ensure occupants’ health/comfort with continuous optimal temperature

  • Block solar heat gain, reduce mechanical heating/cooling, improve indoor thermal comfort
  • Prevent direct sunlight in summer for cooler indoors
  • Harness natural light in cooler seasons for reduced heating/improved well-being

  • LED saves up to 85% energy
  • Optimise lighting with motion/occupancy sensors
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Smart occupancy-based controls to optimise energy
  • Auto adjust temperature/lights based on occupancy/daylight/temperature
  • Improve lifespan of HVAC systems and light bulbs
  • Customised control panel for personalised settings

  • Identify building system malfunctions/optimisation opportunities to prevent waste of resources, energy, and occupant discomfort
  • Insights into energy consumption patterns from variables in HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, hot water equipment performance
  • Enhance energy optimisation and reduce costs via insights for improved energy management in building systems

  • Reduce reliance on the power grid
  • Reduce carbon footprint of your building
  • Contribute to cleaner source of energy
  • Achieve energy independence


Make sustainable choices
for efficient operations

Our Work

Case Study on Smart City Solutions for a Large Tourism Hub in Saudi Arabia

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Use Case on Efficient Carbon Reporting

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Use Case on Energy Management

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Use Case on Renewable Energy Management

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Customer Testimonial on Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions for a Large Retail Mall in Dubai

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