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iviva’s curated solutions help you streamline your facility operations and reduce costs, increase tenant satisfaction, and improve energy efficiency.

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Transform your facility with efficient operations

All the tools you need to streamline your facility’s processes, increase efficiency and enhance decision-making by leveraging data, automation and predictive analytics.

Enhance facility operations for improved experiences

  • Alerts of equipment/system failures in advance to reduce downtime
  • Take remedial action to prevent breakdowns
  • Increase equipment/system reliability and avoid larger problems
  • Save up to 25% on manpower/operational costs

  • Rectify issues with automated remedial actions
  • Maintain infrastructure with optimal comfort/energy consumption
  • Detect/resolve issues and reduce occupant complaints

  • Monitor/manage space comfort (temperature, humidity, IAQ)
  • Automatically detect abnormal conditions such as HVAC system faults
  • Enhance occupant satisfaction, for potential fewer complaints

  • Compare building performance for smarter decision-making
  • Customise dashboard with templates and widgets
  • Manage performance variances with exception-based management

Work Requests & Work Orders

  • Get ratings/feedback on completed work requests
  • Share automated updates with requesters
  • Manage/track Work Orders, labour, parts, performance, expenses, etc.
  • Analyse daily, weekly, monthly data and control labour/maintenance costs
  • Auto assign work orders to service providers, supervisors, technicians, etc.

Asset Management

  • Preserve assets/maximise lifespan
  • Record critical asset data
  • Auto align Corrective Work Orders/PPM with assets

Vendor Management

  • Centralise service provider records/contracts
  • Track vendor performance
  • Track warranty contracts
  • Compare performance ratings with service providers

  • Increase revenue with improved efficiency and parking space turnover
  • Provide guidance to occupants’ vehicles -Guided navigation with display screens can improve experience
  • CCTV search for license plates, particularly in case of incidents
  • Maximise safety via comprehensive reports from entry/exit records

  • Monitor Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, temperature and humidity levels
  • Leak detection sensors identify wetness levels
  • Maintain cleaning schedule via occupancy sensors for auto maintenance
  • Streamline hygiene maintenance via alerts for low supplies in dispensers
  • Improve environmental hygiene via waste bin fullness level alerts
  • Enhance user experience via customer feedback kiosks

Enhance facility operations
for improved experiences

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