It’s time to digitalise your facility management processes!

August 4, 2023


Lakshitha Wijerathne

Facility management supports the management and maintenance of an organisation’s buildings, people and assets and helps manage its health and safety requirements. As such, it is a critical capability for ensuring business efficiency as well as business continuity.

Digitalisation of facility management processes greatly improves productivity and work efficiency while reducing cost. However, many organisations are still using printed work orders, paper-based checklists, handwritten notes, walkie-talkies, excel sheets & call centers to manage their facilities.


Two major barriers that facility managers face in the implementation of facility management software are:

  • Cost to buy, implement and maintain
  • Complexity to implement, use and maintain

The following are some key requirements that must be considered when selecting a cloud facility management software for your digitalisation journey.

  • Subscription not perpetual license
    Perpetual licenses require significant upfront costs complicating the buying decision. It also enables vendor lock-in as switching becomes unattractive due to the significant investment that has been already made.
  • Mobile first not desktop only
    Facility management teams require mobility for anytime, anywhere access and greater productivity and work efficiency. If only desktop access is provided, it limits the value of the software.
  • Automated not manual
    Automation of processes reduces human error and the variability of outcomes. It also reduces manpower.
  • Open not closed
    You own your data and should be able to access them without hindrance. Also, you may require further analysis of the data or you may want to pass it to another application. Unless the software is open, this is not possible without going back to the developer of the software.
  • Prebuilt connectors not custom connectors
    Having prebuilt connectors to third-party systems simplifies integrations and enables the creation of value added services. For example, you may wish to integrate a building management system or an access control system for the purpose of auto-creation of a work orders, or integrate with a meeting room management system to block a room under maintenance.
  • Simple & intuitive uis not complex uis
    To increase adoption of facility management software, you require a fast learning curve. When manpower attrition is high, this becomes even more important.

iviva Facility Management ‘Software as a Service’ is a result of over 18 years of experience in developing and implementing software for building and facility management. This has enabled us to bring to market a solution that is easy to setup, affordable, field tested and flexible.

Come join us in this digital journey and experience the transformation!

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