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iviva C2O

Transforming building management with automation, analytics and AI for predictive and autonomous operations.

Next Generation Building Management

The convergence of climate change, an aging population, pandemics, and hybrid working is pushing building owners, operators, and tenants to elevate sustainability and productivity. iviva.C2O introduces a game-changing approach to building and workspace management, leveraging process automation, advanced analytics, and AI to enable autonomous, predictive operations and maintenance. This delivers substantial improvements in equipment and system performance, work efficiency, and occupant satisfaction. It also integrates primary and continuous commissioning for operational readiness and offers self-managed infrastructure to automate building performance management, reducing labor demands and enhancing system reliability and resilience.

20 - 40%

Savings in manpower

15 - 20%

Energy savings


Reduction in
operations costs


Predictive Operational Analysis predicts future performance of equipment and systems, identifies anomalies and notifies technical staff to carry out adjustments to prevailing planned preventive maintenance (PPM) plans.

Automation Fault
Detection and

Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) and automated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) engine proactively detect equipment faults before they surface, and direct maintenance work, along with recommended remediation actions.


iviva.C₂O continuously monitors changing conditions in a building, and automatically controls equipment. Granular control against Building Management System (BMS) control strategies can help reduce energy consumption by 5-10%.

Space Centred

iviva.C₂O enables space-centered maintenance by linking Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) to the space comfort conditions (temperature, humidity, internal air quality) monitoring. As such, any abnormal space condition automatically registers a fault for the segment of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system that serves the space.

PPM Task

iviva.C₂O automates Planned & Preventive Maintenance (PPM) checks in various systems, eliminating the need for resource intensive manual checks.

& Handing Over

iviva.C₂O enables Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). This expedites the delivery of the Physical Twin, and ultimately delivers an operational Digital Twin. iviva.C₂O handles both primary commissioning and continuous commissioning effectively. Without limiting to a sample of 10-15% of systems, it helps you to achieve 100% commissioning of your building.


Users are able to monitor the energy consumption of the building in compliance with the Super Low Energy Buildings concept in the Green Mark Certification, to identify patterns in energy consumption, distribution of the total building energy consumption among building systems and any abnormal consumptions.


The building’s total energy consumption is predicted after analysing its historical energy consumption data through Machine Learning Algorithms. At the same time, indications are provided on how far the energy savings efforts have been effective in accomplishing the required certification levels.

Green Savings/

The total contribution of the facility on the generation of renewable energy, both onsite and offsite is depicted with additional detailed information on renewable energy usage and CO₂ reduction.


The effectiveness of energy optimisation strategies in enhancing the financial performance of the building portfolio is assessed. The contribution of individual action items for energy conservation and other operational optimisation strategies, on increasing the net operating income of the building is calculated.


As we move towards a Low Carbon Economy, iviva.C₂O aims at assisting building owners in evaluating their transition towards carbon neutrality at the asset level, translating corporate objectives into tangible outcomes.

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