How to Create a Work Request

How to Create a Work Request

Work Requests play an important role in the maintenance process in organizations.

iviva.facility offers two platforms to create and submit digital Work Requests.

1.Work Request Portal

Work Request Portal is exclusively developed for the Requesters to create and submit Work Requests simply from anywhere at any time using their digital devices. Usually, the Work Request Portal is for the external Requesters such as Tenant Users, Landlord Users, etc.

2.Workspace- Work Request

Workspace- Work Request also has a provision for the internal staff to create Work Requests if required. In this case, the staff members who create Work Requesters also can be considered as Requesters.


In iviva.facility, Requesters are the individuals who submit Work Requests describing maintenance problems or issues they encounter. They serve as the eyes of your facility and organization, promptly submitting problems or issues as soon as they identify them, ensuring the smooth daily operations of your facility.

Requesters can be either Staff, Tenant Users or Landlord Users depending on your business organization.

Methods of Creating Work Requests

There are three methods of creating Work Requests using the Work Request Portal. Requesters can choose any method based on their requirements and the information they have related to the Work Request they are submitting.

  1. Create Express Work Requests
  2. Create Work Requests based on Location
  3. Create Work Requests based on Asset
NOTE: Once a Work Request is created by Requesters its stage becomes ‘New‘.

1. Create Express Work Requests

This method enables Requesters to easily submit a Work Request with only a few pieces of information.

2. Create Work Requests based on the Location​

This method helps Requesters to create Work Requests based on the relevant location.

3. Create Work Requests based on the Asset​

If you know the exact Asset for which you want to create a Work Request, this would be the ideal method to follow.