iviva.facility Work Request Workflow

iviva.facility Work Request Workflow

iviva.facility offers a streamlined and digitized workflow for Work Request management, simplifying tasks and enhancing efficiency for users such as Requesters, Facility Coordinators, Facility Admins, and Technicians involved in facility management.

iviva.facility Work Request Workflow comes into action via the following:

  1. iviva.facility Work Request portal
  2. Work Request app on iviva.facility Workspace portal

With iviva.facility, Work Request management in your organization becomes a pleasant experience, allowing for a seamless process from the creation of Work Requests to their resolution and closure.

Work Request Workflow

This is the basic workflow of a work request. This workflow might be different depending on your organization.

  1. Requester submits a work request via the Work Request portal.
  2. The work request will be received by a Service Desk Agent/Call Center Agent/Caretaker via the Workspace-Work Request and they will acknowledge it. Then they will assign a Facility Coordinator to it.
  3. The Facility Coordinator will add Work Request Actions based on the work request requirements.
  4. The respective technicians will receive the work request and complete the work request actions.
  5. The Facility Coordinator will review the work and finalize the work request. Then they will mark the work request as resolved.
  6. The Requester will provide feedback on the work request.
  7. Finally, the respective Facility Coordinator will close the work request.

Tip: Requesters can be either Staff, Tenant Users or Landlord Users depending on your business organization. Usually the Work Request Portal is for the external Requesters such as Tenant Users, Landlord Users, etc. Staff can use Workspace- Work Request portal to submit their work requests.